Summer 2013

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Ball-Bearing Overhaul                                                                 

The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave                                             

with Bike Church Mechanics 

In this class we'll go over how to overhaul various ball-bearing systems on the bicycle. Bring a gritty hub, bottom-bracket or headset along if you have one, or work on something in our shop.  Directions: Entrance on Spruce St

Sat Aug 10th –  Noon-3pm

Basket Weaving with Soft Fiber                                                 

Trescony Park                                                                                 

with Christina Love                                              985-788-6008 

Have yarn, string, or rope lying around that needs using? Bring it! We'll be learning how to create soft fiber baskets with them! I will have some material available as well. We will start with creating a small fiber basket, then you will have the know-how to create larger soft fiber baskets that are easy to store and fun-ctional! Requirements: Please bring scissors, your rope/strings/yarns or soft fibers to weave with. Directions: From Mission St. going away from downtown turn right on to Trescony St. and at the end of street is the park and community garden.  We will be on the grassy area to the left.

Sat Jul 20th –  3-6pm

Beach Yoga                                                                                      

Twin Lakes Beach                                                                          

with Erica                                    

Join us for yoga on the beach for all levels of experience! We'll do a brief meditation and morning flow work. Requirements: Please bring a towel or mat. Directions: Meet on sand between 13th and 14th Ave near volleyball court.

Sun Jul 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, Aug 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th –  8:30-9:45am

Big Basin Bike Tour                                                                      

Big Basin                                                                                           

with Stef                                            

If you've ever dreamed of bike touring, this is a great way to get started. Come along with a crew of mixed - experience cyclists as we bike to Big Basin State Park. We'll camp out and head toward the coast on dirt roads the following day, and then ride the tailwind south into town.  Requirements: MUST RSVP instructor, and a bike with good tires and a rack

Sun Jul 28th, Mon 29th –  All Day

Bike Touring for Everyone!                                                        

The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave                                             

with Stef                                  

Camping under the stars; a breeze in your hair; delicious food at the end of your day. All this experiences can be yours - on a fabulous bicycle trip! In this class we'll introduce you to the basics of Bicycle touring, including gear to bring, places to go, and ways to get there. Bring questions and your hopes!  Directions: Entrance on Spruce St

Sun Jul 21st –  3-5pm



Bike (SHARE & TELL) Advocacy                                             

Contact teacher for location                                                        

with Bicycle Flutter                 

How can we mobilize communities to embrace bicycle transportation? Learn about international bike cultures like the Cycle Chic blog movement, Ecotopia Bike Tour in Europe, Velo-city bicycle planning conferences, World Bicycle Relief in Africa to national efforts like the the League of American Bicyclist's Bicycle Friendly Community Program. From these stories, become inspired to get involved in bicycle activism..

Tue Jul 23rd –  7-8pm


Compassionate Communication                                                 

Roundtree Condo Clubhouse, 201 Nobel                                  

with Karen and Bridgette 

Using NonViolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, we will engage in exercises to develop self-empathy and compassionate communication skills. Students will learn the process and become fluent in a language of feelings and values, and how to enrich life for oneself and others. NVC helps people develop a consciousness of compassion, nonjudgment, and awareness. People who learn NVC say it helps them feel happier and empowered.   

Tue Jul 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Aug 13th, 20th, 27th, Sep 10th, 17th, 24th –  7-9pm

Early Christianity                                                                          

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.                                                            

with Rabbit Killer                           

A historical study of early Christianity focusing on the critical period following the death of the historical Jesus to the formation of the faith's major tenets at the Council of Nicea in 325. We will discuss questions like: how do the intellectual descendants of revolutionaries become so orthodox and rigid? Why did Christianity win out over all the competing belief systems? What were the "Lost" Christianities like?   

Wed Jul 10th, 24th, Aug 7th, 21st –  5pm

English Country Dance                                                                 

First Congregational Church, 900 High St.                             

with Michael                                        

English country dance is a lively form of folk dance that was popular in the Renaissance era. Couples dance in sets and weave through elaborate patterns as they interact with other couples. Beginners are very welcome. This is an excellent place to learn. We have live music on the second Thursday of the month. We're a casual, fun-loving group. Come dance with us!  Directions: We meet in the UPPER hall, next to the UPPER parking lot.

Thu Jul 11th, 25th, Aug 8th, 22nd, Sep 12th, 26th –  7-9:30pm

Fall Equinox Picnic and Game Day                                           

Almar Ave & Pendegast Ave.                                                      

with Everyone                               

Join other Freeskoolers for an Equinox afternoon of games, stories, and snacks! Bring along your favorite games (bocci ball? frisbee? kites?), some snacks, and come play with us while we share stories of inspiring classes and exciting new friendships.  Directions: Garfield Park is located on the West Side of Santa Cruz, near the intersection of Almar Ave & Pendegast. We will be on the lawn area.

Sun Sep 22nd –  Noon-2pm

Flow Arts Introduction                                                                  

West Cliff Lighthouse                                                                    

with Aaron & SC Fire University 

If you can pick it up off the ground, you can flow with it!  Poi, hoops, staff, fans, and clubs:  This class will teach ‘flow arts’ as the artistic expression of objects through physical manipulation.  Flow arts will help individuals achieve inner peace and self-confidence through exercise, cooperation, and the union of movement and music.  The artists from West Cliff Lighthouse Fire University will share their extensive talents to assist students with their exploration of their preferred prop.

Sun Sep 8th –  7-8:30pm

Fruit Tree Propagation                                                                 

Ocean View Park                                                                            

with Jesse                             

Learn how to start and grow locally adapted kinds of food-producing trees from seeds and cuttings. Dozens of species of fruit and nut trees can easily be propagated with minimal supplies and feed us for generations. No experience necessary. Requirements: Come prepared to bring home plants!

Sun Jul 14th –  4pm

Horray Crochet!                                                                             

Ocean View Park                                                                            

with Ray                                    

Come learn the art of crochet! All experience levels welcome. I will start the class with beginning stitches and techniques, and then will be free to help with projects and other questions for more experienced crocheters. This will be a relaxed and fairly informal crochet circle, so feel free to swing by to craft and hang out! I will have limited supplies available. Requirements: Beginners: please bring a hook size H or I and worsted weight yarn to work with.  

Sat Jul 6th, 20th, Aug 3rd, 17th –  3-5pm

How's the Weather?                                                                       

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.                                                            

with Bob and Steve                         

This class is brought together by the question: forty years later, what can we learn from the radical activism of the Weather Underground? With revolutionary positions characterized by Black power and opposition to the Vietnam War, the group conducted a campaign of bombings through the mid-1970s.  Some members of the group are now university professors, some are in maximum security prisons.  Reading and watching video interviews of the various members, we will lead a discussion of what can we take from their actions and reflections for the current struggles. Requirements: Please contact teacher for links to short readings before the class. Readings are optional.

Sun Aug 11th –  5-7pm

Introduction to Bikes                                                                     

The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave                                             

with Bike Church Mechanics 

This class will cover the three major systems that operate on a bicycle. We will go over  basic maintenance and take a tour of the shop to become acquainted with the space. A great class for beginners or new comers to The Bike Church.  Directions: Entrance on Spruce St

Sun Jul 14th, Aug 11th, Sep 8th –  Noon-2pm

Knot Tying                                                                                       

170 Hagemann Ave.                                                                       

with Jeffrey  , 831-469-9467 

Some of these knots have quite alluring names: Alpine Butterfly, Trucker's Hitch, One-handed Bowline, Double Slip Reef Knot. You already know at lease some of them.  Others could come in really handy in daily life or in extreme adventures. Requirements: Bring a piece of rope if you have one. Directions: Hagemann is on the Eastside off Soquel Ave at Walgreens. Class is

all the way back.

Sat Sep 14th –  10am-1pm

Mountain Justice in Appalachia                                                 

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave                                                             

with Lyndsay                           

This Virginia transplant would love to teach YOU about the biggest environmental injustice plaguing Appalachia - mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. Learn about your connection to MTR (everytime you turn on a light) from and how you can join and support activists within Mountain Justice, a grassroots organizing movement.

Tue Aug 13th –  6-7pm

Movement Dance Process                                                             

Louden Nelson Center, Rm 5                                                       

with Jen                                             

An improvisational dance and movement techniques class to foster self expression and personal growth. I'll start with a little background, move on to warm ups, then we will practice improvised movement based on universal themes. This class is about having fun, play and paying attention to our bodies. Too often we live as though our mind, emotions and physical bodies are separate entities. This class strives to help us reunite our bodies and minds and live as more whole people in the world. Requirements: Donations are welcome to help pay for the space. No one turned away. Directions: 301 Center St

Fri Jul 19th, Aug 2nd, Sep 6th –  6:30-8pm

Parenting from the Heart                                                             

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave                                                             

with Jodi                                          

Based on the principles of Non Violent Communication, this class offers concrete tools and examples of how to parent from the heart.  We will practice methods of respectful interpersonal communication that both addresses and aims to meet the needs of every family member.  These methods are useful from toddlerhood through the teen years.  Resolving challenges peacefully is a hallmark of parenting from the heart with the goal to create freedom and joy within the family. Requirements: This class is open to parents of children of all ages, expectant parents, those considering parenthood, and anyone who has a child in their life.

Wed Aug 21st –  5-6:30pm

Pinnacles Campout                                                                         

Meet at the Buttery, 702 Soquel Ave                                          

with David & Sylvia     

Join us and learn about all the wonderful things at Pinnacles! There are bats, caves, tarantula wasps, condors, and many strange and mysterious rock formations. We will spend this two-night trip sharing what we know about geology, biology, and history of the area. And we'll stargaze too! Requirements: Please bring enough food for yourself and to share for two nights and three days, as well as sleeping gear and a tent if you want one. You will also need to bring about $20 per person for campsite fees and gas money to contribute to your driver. Carpools will be arranged by email, or the morning we depart. There will be water and outhouses at the campsite. Please RSVP, and contact us by Aug 1st if you need financial assistance.

Mon Aug 5th, Tue 6th, Wed 7th –  10am

Rad Kids Playday/Parents Discussion                                       

Jul 3rd: Grant St Park                                                                   

with Michelle and Jesse        

Part play group and part parenting group, this is a place for kids, parents, and others with young kids in their lives to come play, make friends, and discuss topics related to raising rad kids. We could read books for parents and kids, and possibly go on some field trips. Contact us if you have questions. Requirements: Children should be accompanied by an adult. Bring snacks to share if you want.  Note: Only the first meeting will be held at Grant St. Park. For other dates, contact for location

Wed Jul 3rd, 17th, 31st, Aug 14th, 28nd, Sep 11th, 25th –  4pm

Really Really Free Market                                                           

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave                                                             

with Freebox Liberator and Trash Faerie                                                                                              

No money. No trades. Everything is free.

This market is based on a gift-economy and thinks capitalism sucks.  Bring food to share.  Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box).  Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...).  Come and take what you can use and say thanks!  We will have folks to check in with as you arrive.  First come first served, space may be limited. Requirements: Mutual respect.  If you bring things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market.

Sat Jul 20th, Aug 17th, Sep 21st –  Noon-3pm

Stargazing 101 - Summer Edition                                              

Twin Gates                                                                                        

with Bicicleta Bandito                                                                    

Dabble in Astronomy but don't care for the math? Enjoy Astrology but want to be taken seriously? Come learn the basics of both! This class will focus primarily on identifying the constellations and stars of distinction, but also touch upon the Big Bang Theory, ancient mysticism, and our own relationship to it all on Earth.This summer's workshop will feature a special presentation on Chinese Astrological lore! Requirements: Bring a blanket, folding chair and/or warm clothing, binoculars, food to share. Red-lense flashlights are recommended. Rain/coastal fog cancels. Please be prompt. Smartphones will be destroyed. Directions: From the last stop-lighted intersection at UCSC's Heller Dr, go 2.3 miles up Empire Grade, look for trail crossing signs. Parking is sparse, please try to carpool.

Fri Aug 16th –  8:30-10pm

Teaching Kick-Ass Classes and Workshops                             

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.                                                            

with Tai                                      

How to teach a great class or give a really kick ass workshop so your students leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Making a lesson plan. Keeping students engaged. Tips for performance anxiety. Small vs. large group lessons. Dealing with activities and more. Requirements: Bring problems you've had or experienced in classes before so we can discuss them.   

Sat Jul 13th, 27th –  12:30-1:30pm

Trash Stoves                                                                                     

The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave                                             

with Steve and AJ                 

Learn to make camping stoves out of old cans. They're nearly free to make, work just fine, and weigh a lot less than the fancy stoves sold at outdoor stores. We'll use old tomato cans to make efficient wood-burning stoves, and soda cans for making small alcohol-burning stoves. Requirements: Please bring old 12oz aluminum cans and 4 inch steel cans (like tomato sauce comes in). Directions: Entrance on Spruce St

Sun Aug 4th –  5-8pm

Women/Trans Bike Workshop                                                   

The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave                                             

with WTF Bike Church Mechanics                                                          

Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly male-dominated area. This workshop provides a safer space for women and trans identified folks to work on their bikes and learn new skills.  Taught by women/queer mechanics. Requirements: Women/Trans/Queer Folk only please Directions: Entrance on Spruce St

Sun Jul 7th, 21st, Aug 4th, 18th, Sep 1st, 15th –  Noon-3pm

Write On a Creative Writing Group                                         

Email for location                                                                          

with Tiffany                                

Do you write? Want some feedback? Come hear, and be heard. Be it poetry, flash fiction, vingnettes, or epic novels, come one come all. Please email to sign up to read your creative piece on the dates specified, so we can have a better gauge of the time we'll need. Requirements: If you are presenting please remember to print your piece so that people can write you feedback on it and give it back to you at the end. Directions: Email for directions.

Mon Jul 8th, 22nd, Aug 12th, 26th,  Sep 16th, Sep 30th –  7-830 PM

YARROW: Adventures in Botanical Medicine                       

141 Sunnyside Avenue                                                                   

with Ariel                                   

Want to learn about Herbal Medicine by getting started with the basics? In this class we will focus on one plant...Yarrow.  The class will begin with a shared experience in direct botanical information retrieval with Yarrow through full sensory engagement (no experience necessary), and we will share our findings with each other. Followed by a talk about the known uses and actions of Yarrow as medicine and its historical and  mythic context as an important botanical medicine.  We will also talk about  harvesting/wildcrafting, cultivation, and medicine making techniques. Requirements: Please bring a notebook as well as writing and drawing supplies.  

Fri Jul 26th –  4-6pm

Zero Waste: Confronting the Crisis                                           

SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave                                                             

with Bob and Nick                          

Mindful of the environmental and social crises currently facing the world, this class seeks to find a creative response with the concept of "zero waste." The teachers will give a short history of the concept. From this theoretical background we hope to play with concrete actions, exploring limits, and emphasizing experimentation. We hope to engage in responses that are personal day-to-day action from the ground up and/or collective projects of transformation. Course is in two-parts: first class will be discussion and brainstorming; second class will be reflection, sharing of actions and moving forward.

         Tue Jul 23rd, Aug 20th –  5-7pm