Free Skool 2010 Winter Calendar

The Free Skool 2010 Winter Calendar is available!  After October 30th, look for paper calendars at cafes and community centers, particularly SubRosa at 703 Pacific Ave.

Download this as a convenient, printable PDF (albeit very very large at 66MB).

Acrobalance                                                                   Frederick St Park 

with Patty                                                         

Acrobalance is a partner or group activity that involves lifting, holding, flipping, and balancing one another in different acrobatic-type poses. Share and practice tricks you know or work together to learn new ones. No partner needed, come and play in the sun! Requirements: Respect and care for self and others' wellbeing and safety. Awareness of what your body can do. Please let me know of your previous injuries. Contact me if you want more details, to meet at a different time, or reschedule a rained-out class. Directions: The Park is at the end of Frederick by the harbor. Look for me on the grass, I'll have an Acrobalance sign.


Sun Nov 7th, 21st, Dec 5th, 19th, Jan 2nd, 16th, 30th – 10am


Aerated Compost Tea                                Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob                                           

Join us as we dispel myths about compost tea, and discuss what the rage is all about. We will be quickly reviewing basic soil biology (offered in November), discussing what it is we’re trying to achieve with the tea, and going straight into a how to brew what’s known as “aerated” compost tea. Rain does NOT cancel, dress appropriately. Requirements: Notebook.


Wed Dec 8th – 5-6pm


Ambitious Plans/Radical Strategy                        SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Wes                                                    

Sometimes we manage to agree what we are fighting against, but what are we fighting FOR? How often do we talk long-term strategy? What are our most ambitious plans? What is standing in our way? A brainstorm on the process of creation and a map toward getting there. We'll look at the concepts of prefiguerative politics and dual power strategies, and the experiences of groups who've used these strategies to meet the needs of their people, including the Black Panthers, Zapatistas, and local examples. Requirements: By radical, we mean this is a workshop for people who want to change the world, not reform the current rotten system. Bring snacks to share.


Fri Nov 12th, 19th, 26th – 6-8pm


Anarchy, Compassion & Spirituality                    SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with John Malkin                                           

A discussion of how the anarchist qualities of freedom, cooperation and self-reliance can be supported through practices like nonviolence, compassion and meditation. John is a local social justice activist, musician and journalist and host of a weekly radio show on Free Radio Santa Cruz.


Sun Dec 5th – 3:30-6pm


Backyard Livestock                                  Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob and Heidi                             

Join us as we discuss the care and needs of three common backyard livestock: chickens, ducks, and rabbits. We will discuss their shelter needs, dietary requirements, and general health, as well as their role in a larger system of bio-intensive gardening and nutrient cycling. Requirements: Notebook.


Mon Jan 24th – 4:30-5:30pm


Basic Herbal Mediciine                                     Chavez Co-op, 316 Main St 

with Alana                                                

Learn to make tinctures, decoctions, salves and infused oils. Some basic plant knowledge as well! Requirements: Bring 3-5 mason jars or other glass containers with tight-fitting lids and any herbs you want, some will be provided.


Sat Nov 6th, 13th – 10-11:30am


Bio-Intensive Gardening                          Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St. 

with Jacob                                           

We will be discussing an overview of bio-intensive gardening techniques and why we practice them, touching on soil health, crop rotation, integrated pest management, and why composting is so important. Will be held indoors in unpleasant weather. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Mon Nov 8th – 4:30-5:30pm


Boat Design                                                        SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Robert Blind Bear                                      

One hour of discussion on boat design. Requirements: Pen and pad, imagination.


Tue Nov 9th, Dec 7th, Jan 11th – 3pm


Booty Dance Etc                                                              811 Broadway St 

with s and a                                                

We're going to dance. We'll share moves and hopefully you'll share some too. There will be an emphasis on booty dancing, but not limited to that style.


Thu Dec 16th – 6pm


Comics                                                                          Santa Cruz Diner 

with Doodle                                                          

Like to draw? Like to write stories? Like to do both at the same time? This is not an intentional skill-share, this is where we can come together, hang-out and work near each other. Over the meetings we will explore different public places in Santa Cruz conducive to gathering and creating, starting with the Santa Cruz Diner. Requirements: Bring your own project and supplies. Others may have some to share, but don't rely on it.


Every Monday – 7pm


Dark Night: Rag dolls and Monsters                                 811 Broadway St 

with Baerie                                                           

Little beings are waiting in each scrap of waste waiting to be discovered and brought to life. Fashioned after ye old Free Skool rag dolls and monsters, we will gather and sew (read create) little beings. Make the teddy bear of your dreams, combine a dolphin and a unicorn. Requirements: Bring your imagination, sewing supplies if you have them, scraps or old stuffed animals.


Fri Nov 19th, Sat Dec 11th – 7pm


Death and Crossing Over                                  Contact teacher for location 

with Krista Williams                                  

A course on how to help spirits cross over into their highest potential after death. Learn how to ease the journey of friends and loved ones who are currently in the dying process or have died. Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and other classic Buddhist texts, the stages of death will be described along with important concepts that deepen understanding of the death process from a unique perspective. Participants will be gently guided through visualizations of the spirit world, the realms of existence, and how to help spirits cross over with the least suffering and greatest success.


Mon Nov 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th, Dec 6th, 13th, 20th, Jan 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st – 6-7:30pm


Elkhorn Slough Day Hike                                 Red Church, 532 Center St 

with David & Sylvia                            

Join us on an easy day hike through Elkhorn Slough where we'll explore one of California's largest tracts of tidal salt marsh and learn about the long and complex history of this wonderfully diverse area. Requirements: Bring binoculars, food and water, money for gas if you're carpooling, and $2.50 for the entrance fee.The slough is a sensitive habitat and animal companions are not permitted. Directions: We'll meet infront of the Red Church to coordinate carpools to the Slough. Please email us in advance if you have a car or will be needing a ride.


Sat Jan 15th – 9am SHARP


Emergency Medicine Basics                            San Lorenzo Park lower field 

with Clarice                                                                        831-428-1176


We will cover basic emergency response to illness and/or injury, including CPR and the standard patient assessment system used by paramedics and EMTs. This class will not provide any medical certification and is not a substitute for a certified Emergency Medicine course. However, it will be empowering, useful and hopefully increase your confidence to act in emergencies! Requirements: Be prepared to take notes and participate in mock scenarios. Directions: In case of rain, contact teacher for alternate location.


Fri Dec 3rd, Sat Dec 4th, Fri Dec 10th, Sat Dec 11th – 11:30am-4pm


English Country Dance          First Congregational Church, 900 High Street 

with Michael King                                               

English country dance is a lively form of folk dance that was popular in the Renaissance era. Couples dance in sets and weave through elaborate patterns as they interact with other couples. Beginners are welcome—this is an excellent place to learn. We have live music on the second Thursday of the month. We're a casual, fun-loving group. Come dance with us!


Thu Nov 11th, 25th, Dec 9th, 30th, Jan 13th, 27th – 7-9:30 pm


Envision the Next 5 years                                    SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Coral, Mitchell                                     

A discussion structuring science with artistic envisioning of local and planetary sustainability for the year 2015. Discuss and learn about the scope of technology, art and science and their limits and integration into society. Topics discussed will range from, self image, body image and online persona, privacy threats & false web advertising to discussions of home economics, sustainability & angry Gaia scenarios; such as the future of hot desert or Ice Age, local & global Quantum Computing In 2015 as well as sustainable post-petroleum 2040. Each class discussion will be backed up with online resources, free downloads, and tuned with survey results from the online world.


Mon Nov 1st, 15th, Dec 6th, Jan 10th – 3:30-5pm


Fallen Fruit Bike Around                         Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Laurel Manor                                 

Join us as we bicycle around town mapping fruit trees and edibles on public land in Santa Cruz. January is a great time to map citrus and persimmons. Rain cancels. Requirements: Your bicycle!


Wed Jan 26th – 4:30-5:30pm


Female Health & Physiology for Everyone!           Email teacher for location 

with Emerald                                          

Question-led overview of topics such as the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, fertility, fertilization, lactation & anything else. Requirements: Open to all sexes and genders! Come with curiosity and respect!


Sat Nov 20th – Noon


Fermentation Adventures                                  Contact teacher for location 

with amy                                                    

We’ll experiment with vegetable and fruit ferments, yogurt, cheeses, miso, sourdough and ginger beer starters, and whatever else we have the time/interest in. Email for more details on the schedule and location. And please come with the idea of sharing your own knowledge and experience and interests!


Tue Nov 9th, 30th, Thu Jan 13th, 27th – 7:30-9:30pm


Food Not Lawns                                       Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob and Heidi                             

Join us in a discussion about lawns: their history, indented uses, and evolution. We will present why we believe lawns are an outmoded practice, including a discussion of why they are problematic to the environment, and alternatives: from food producing gardens to native landscaping.


Wed Jan 12th – 4:30-5:30pm


Forest Walk in Upper Campus                                               Kresge Coop 

with forest walkers                                        

Join us for an adventure through the forest and chaparral of UCSC Upper Campus. We will share stories, visit secret spots, identify plants, learn about natural history and discuss the proposed Long Range Development Plan that threatens this special place.


Every Saturday – Noon


Free Skool Community Picnic                                            Oceanview Park 

with Everyone                                                

Come play with us in the park at our quarterly potluck where students, teachers, organizers and community members get together to enjoy food, music and companionship with new and old friends. Meet people, play croquet, bring the kids along. Requirements: Bring food, drink, and games to share. Directions: Oceanview park is off Broadway at the end of Oceanview.


Sat Jan 22nd – Noon-4pm


Freedom Drumming                                              Pacific Ave & Cooper St 

with Steve LoBue                                                

Gather together,connect with community, street musicianship, bang on things, create atmospheres, soundscapes, meditations. Wiggle your arms and feet. Sing if you want to. Annoy some people. Delight some. Enjoy ourselves. Bring a drum or play what's here or there. Some meetings will be indoors for an Electronic Sonic Vibration Creation.  Directions: Around Pacific Ave./ Cooper St.


Every Tuesday – 7pm


Fruit Tree Project Planning Meetings                 Contact teacher for location 

with Steve and others                                                            831-421-9367


The Santa Cruz Fruit Tree Project is a network of volunteers set up to make use of surplus tree fruit, and to support tree planting and maintenance. Have you ever noticed how much perfectly good fruit falls to the ground and rots? Help us develop this new organization to put that fruit to use, as well as sharing skills and knowledge around preservation methods, fermentations, and fruit tree maintenance and propagation.


Sun Nov 28th, Jan 30th – 5pm


Games as a Strategy for Living (and Liberation)       Stevenson Cafe, UCSC 

with Wes                                                    

This is your antidote to the winter blahs. A class for people who take serious matters lightly and for people who take their play seriously. We create games to help us play the bigger game of life which is itself a playful dance. This is an intellectual & philosophical exploration of games. We'll talk about games and play, learn game theory, share DIY games, and design our own. Requirements: Bring your playful spirit and intellectual curiosity. This class will build on each session, so try to commit to all of them.


Wed Jan 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th – 4:45-6pm


Garden Design                                         Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob                                           

It’s not too late to start a garden! Join us as we talk about garden planning, including site assessment, crop layout, and breaking ground. Will be held indoors in unpleasant weather. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Wed Nov 10th – 4:30-5:30pm


Goldenrod Reading Group                               Contact teacher for location 

with Andy Appleseed                                          

"Cuz green ain't done shit." We humans are on course to render our home planet inhospitable to life. Indeed, for countless oppressed people and dwindling species, it already is quite so. Culture change is possible. Let's devise a worthwhile future-one in which all lifeforms can thrive-through the critique (and creation) of vital cultural works. Topics of discussion will include deep ecology, permaculture & ecological design, bioethics, traditional ways & pantheism, nature awareness, alternative social structures, human ecology, etc. Short weekly readings will provoke lively conversation in a convivial and inspiring atmosphere. Requirements: Email for reading and location. Bring food or drink to share, if possible.


Tue Nov 2nd, 16th, 30th, Dec 14th, 28th, Jan 11th, 25th – 6-8pm


Hacktivism 102                                                Contact teacher for location 

with UBEW                                                    

Wikipedia says that " the nonviolent use of illegal or legally ambiguous digital tools in pursuit of political ends." The goal of this class is to learn and use these tools in order to create the technical infrastructures needed for radical endeavors. If you have ideas for projects, skills to share, or simply an interest, join us! From programming to electronics to social/network engineering. Let's create opensource projects and knowledge bases that our widespread communities can use. Requirements: An interest to learn. Some technical savviness and sneakiness.


Thu Nov 4th, 18th, Dec 2nd, 16th, 30th, Jan 13th, 27th – 5-7:30pm


Herbal Approach to Diabetes                               SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Red root Herbal Collective                     

Diabetes affects a whole bunch of people. Come learn about what it means to have diabetes, how it effects our bodies and how we can treat it with herbs. We will also discuss nutrition. Requirements: pen and paper


Mon Dec 13th – 3pm


Hot Composting                                       Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob                                           

We will be discussing the basics of one of the most satisfying tasks in the world: turning smelly waste into nutrient rich, soil building goodness. We will begin by discussing the vital role compost plays in sustainable agriculture, then move on to the how to–including building a hot pile, batch composting, and a brief overview of vermicomposting. Rain does NOT cancel, dress appropriately. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Wed Nov 17th – 4:30-6pm


Intro to the Art of Dreams & the Fantastic   El Rio, 2120 N. Pacific Ave #55

with Erich                                                                           831-466-0248


This course explores artistic movements such as surrealism, magic realism, science fiction and how they connect with dreams, the unconscious and subterranean currents in philosophy, spirituality such as Voudoun, politics, romanticism, rock culture etc. lecture, discussion and possible art and writing projects.


Every Sunday – 4pm


Intro to Bike Maintenance and the Bike Church                     Bike Church

with Bike Church mechanics                                                 831-425-BIKE 

A practical overview of the bicycle, from brakes to shifting to proper tool usage. This class will cover basic anatomy and function of the bike with an emphasis on safety, and include hands-on fix-it time for attendees. Also a useful introduction to our shop for newcomers. Requirements: Please be on time


Sun Nov 14, Dec 12th, Jan 9th – 10am-12pm


JuJitsu Massage at the Red Barn Dojo                                 Red Barn Dojo 

with danielsan                                                   

Heal what you hurt! The body is an amazing thing, and your knowledge of how it works can help support injured friends or help you defend yourself. We'll cover basic Seifuku-jitsu massage, an integral part of traditional Ju Jitsu. Requirements: Bring a towel and water, perhaps a notebook (and a massage table if you have access to one). Directions: Contact instructor for location


Thu Dec 2nd – 5-6:30pm


Lyme Disease Awareness Class                   Private Home, email for location 

with Carol Fox, RN                                            

Lyme Disease is a tick-borne illness that can change your life forever. This class is especially important for parents, dog-owners, and anyone who lives, works, or walks in the woods. Emphasis on awareness and prevention, dispelling myths, also discussion of signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. The Lyme documentary film "Under Our Skin" will be shown afterwards for those interested. Requirements: Age 10 or over.


Sat Jan 29th – 1-2:30pm


Mandala Magic                    Divinitree Yoga & Art Studio, 1043B Water St 

with Iriesky                                                    

The mandala is one of humankind's most ancient art forms. The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle. We will experiment with circles and other sacred forms to create a unique individual mandala with a focus on an intention of your choice. Take a moment to meditate on your inner state and bring balance to your life through art! Basic supplies will be provided, please feel free to bring any additional materials you would like to use. Requirements: No previous experience with art needed!


Tue Dec 14th, Jan 11th – 2-3pm


Mandala Yoga                        Divintree Yoga & Art Studio 1043B Water St 

with Ana                                              

We will be continuing with the intention and meditation created during the Mandala Magic Workshop with a moving mandala yoga flow! This will be a challenging, creative class in a heated space. Please feel free to attend one or both parts of this yoga and art mandala magic! Please bring a yoga mat if you have one. Contact the teacher if this is a problem. Requirements: This will be a level 2-3 yoga class.


Tue Dec 14th, Jan 11th – 3-4pm


Maori Resistance in New Zealand                         SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Jack and Stascha                                   

A look at the history of indigenous resistance in New Zealand, with an emphasis on the ways the Maori people and anarchists have worked together.


Tue Jan 12th – 6:30pm


Mapuche Resistance in Patagonia                         SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

with David and Stascha                             

The Mapuche people are an indigenous population of southern South America who have long been resisting the governments of Argentina and Chile, and are continuing to make connections with other indigenous and radical groups around the world. We will discuss the history and current state of the Mapuche, and the ways in which radical communities can be connected to their struggles.


Tue Dec 7th – 6pm


Medicinal Plant Walk            Bottom of the Trailer Park on UCSC Campus 

with Red root Herbal collective                      

Take a walk and see some of the beautiful plants that can help us heal. We will be focusing on the chaparral bioregion, though we will look at the redwoods a bit as well. Bring pen and paper if you can, and raincoats in case it rains.


Sun Jan 16th – 11am


Mushroom Foraging, Intro to                 Twin Gates, Empire Grade, UCSC 

with Mikey                                                 

Learn about wild mushrooms that grow in our area, what mushrooms are, why they are so cool and important to our environment. Learn to identify the edible, poisonous, and beautiful mushrooms that grow in our area. We will forage, identify and eat mushrooms. I have been identifying and picking wild mushrooms locally and up and down the West coast for over 15 years. Requirements: What to Bring: Bring a basket, or a bag, a knife, and enthusiasm. Also a camera if you wish. Recommended books are “All that the Rain Promises and more” or “Mushrooms Demystified” both by David Arora. Directions: Take Empire Grade about 1 mile past UCSC's West entrance.


Sun Dec 12th – 10am-2pm


Mushrooms of Santa Cruz Natural History Museum, Rm 273 NatSci 2, UCSC

with Christian                                                 

We'll cook with/ dye wool with/ identify/ investigate/ illustrate/ photograph and generally enjoy the diverse and delightful mushrooms and other fungi of Santa Cruz. Requirements: Mushroom ID books are helpful, curiosity a must, waterproof/warm clothes, tolerance for dry spells. Directions: Across the brick courtyard from the Science Library at UCSC - long hallway with glass windows.


Fri Nov 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, Dec 3rd, 10th – 1-3pm


Musicians? Jamboree!                                                          526 Barson St 

with Allie and Gabriella                                

Come join Allie and Gabriella on their quest to become musicians! Whether you be novice or expert, we invite people interested in music to share their skills in this open and safe space. If you know how to sing/play an instrument, write songs/lyrics, or rock a stage, come teach us! If no one shows up who feels capable to teach, we will just make jam! Requirements: Know something about music! Want to learn something about music! Bring yer own instrument! Directions: On the edge of the marsh!


Mon Nov 8th,15th, Dec 6th, 20th – 5-7pm


Nice Shirt Basics                 The Fabrica, 703 Pacific Ave (Enter on Spruce) 

with Stef                                                         

We'll learn to make a nice shirt that fits just you...and all those smaller or similarly shaped. We'll take a few measurements and then we'll do some basic math and use our findings to create a pattern. From the pattern we'll learn how to make a garment and alter the pattern for a variety of styles.


Wed Nov 10th – 5-7pm


Pallet Building                                         Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob                                           

A symbol of industrial waste, and the perfect building material. Join us as we discuss simple and easy to build pallet designs: such as tool sheds, compost systems, and benches. We will also touch on sources for used materials. Weather permitting we will build a bench, otherwise class will be held indoors.


Mon Jan 10th – 4:30-5:30pm


Parkour for Beginners        Downtown Santa Cruz Library, 224 Church St. 

with Arden                                                           

Introduction to techniques and philosophy behind exploring an urban environment in creative ways. Functional evasion! Nonconformist exploration! Dionysian superhero worship! Gravity has been one of the most consistent tyrants in universal history-lets see what we can do about that. Requirements: Good paira shoes and clothes you can move in.


Every Saturday – 1:30pm


Persimmon harvest and preservation             San Lorenzo Park bike bridge 

with Steve/fruit tree project                                                    831-421-9367


Take a bike ride with members of the SC Fruit Tree Project, harvesting persimmons from around town. Then go to 120 Walk Circle on the west side to learn how to air-dry persimmons by hanging them in your house like Christmas decorations. If there's heavy rain, skip the harvest and meet straight away 120 Walk Circle. Requirements: Bring a bicycle and a fruit picker (if possible) and a way to carry fruit. Directions: 120 Walk Circle is close to Delaware and Woodrow.


Sun Dec 12th – 1-5 PM


Pest Management                                      Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob and Heidi                             

Join us as we talk about pest management techniques: the nitty gritty such as how to deal with gophers and slugs, and a discussion of companion planting and how to attract beneficial insects. Rain does NOT cancel, dress appropriately. If unpleasant, will hold class indoors, but will see techniques and principles in action outside. Requirements: Notebook.


Thu Dec 9th – 4:30-5:30pm


Poetry & Revolution: Rexroth, Levertov, & Snyder    Abbey, 350 Mission St 

with Bey                                                      

The poet and the revolutionary are struggling for the same thing: liberation of the human imagination. Imagination awakens us to the sense of wonder, power, and possibility. It is this visionary capacity that allows us to struggle for a better, more beautiful world. That's why imagination is everywhere suppressed. In this class we'll explore the relationship between poetry and revolution. What is poetic about revolutionary struggle? How do we liberate and defend imaginative terrain? Is there something inherently radical about the art of poetry?


Sun Nov 7th, 14th, 21st – 2-5pm


Plant Propagation                                    Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob and Heidi                             

Yes, its December. No, it’s not too early or too late to plan and/or start propagating. In fact, some plants can only be propagated in the winter/fall. We will be discussing basic propagation techniques such as starting from seed, cuttings, start mix recipes, and cold frame/mini-greenhouse construction. Will be held indoors in unpleasant weather. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Mon Dec 6th – 5-6pm


Quilting and Sewing Circle: Return of the Grammas         811 Broadway St 

with Wes & kai                                                 

Imagine old women and men sitting around a porch drinking beer, sewing together, and talking about their lives. Not a class focused on traditional quilting and sewing styles, but an excuse to come together, exercise our artistic creativity and radicalism, make something useful and beautiful, and build friendship. Though we will be working on individual projects, we will help and influence each other as a community. Requirements: Bring any of these materials you may have: sewing machine, durable thread, scrap fabric, sharp scissors, pins, and snacks/beer to share.


Tue Nov 9th, 23rd, Dec 7th, 21st, Jan 4th, 18th – 6:30-9pm


Reiki Circle                                                                   715 3rd St, Apt E 

with Nikira                                                                  Text 831-419-9361


Bring your healing hands for a Reiki share! The idea is to share our healing with each other so that everyone leaves more whole than she came. Requirements: Teacher is really allergic to all types of smoke - please don't smoke before or at this class. Directions: The driveway to the left of the house goes to Unit E in the back.


Tue Nov 9th – 6-8pm


Reiki Class I, II, and III                                                715 3rd St, Apt E 

with Nikira                                                                  Text 831-419-9361


Reiki is an energetic healing system. Based on the level of participants, we'll talk about the history of Reiki, what it means to be a healer, and when to use Reiki on whom. For those who are ready, we'll perform an attunement, the energetic opening that creates a Reiki Healer. Requirements: All levels of experience welcome (including none). Please be prompt. Teacher is allergic to smoke of all kinds - please don't smoke right before class. Directions: Follow the driveway to the left of the house to find unit E.


Sat Nov 6th – 2-5pm


Rooting Out Capitalism                           SEIU Union Hall, 517 Mission St 

with Jeffrey Smedberg             , 831-469-9467


An intellectual rejection of capitalism is not sufficient to root out the deep influence the dominant political economic order has had on our collective psyche. In this class we will learn and use tools to free our thinking from emotional baggage imprinted by social conditioning that constrains our humanity. Active listening is a key feature of this self-help peer counseling process which effectively counters institutionalized oppression. The first class is an open introduction, after which students may commit to complete the series.

Directions: Corner of Mission and Locust St.


Tue Jan 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th. – 7-8:30pm


Saddle Bags for your Bicycle                          The Fabrica, 703 Pacific Ave 

with B.                                                           

Learn how to make saddle bags for your bicycle with salvaged textiles and other materials. The 1st class will cover planning your ideal saddle bags; drafting a pattern, identifying materials needed, and ideas for construction. You may also bring desired materials to receive feedback. The 2nd class will be dedicated to constructing your bags. Requirements: Some experience using a sewing machine prior to this class. Go to ‘Sewing Machines 101’ or visit The Fabrica. You are responsible for providing your own materials. Directions: Enter on Spruce St.


Sun Nov 7th, Sun Nov 14th – 10-2pm


Seed Culture!                                              Duck Pond, San Lorenzo Park 

with Andy Appleseed                                          

Reclaim the genetic commons! An introduction to the whys and hows of seed saving and plant breeding. And a broader discussion of how to empower and liberate our communities by taking back control of our foodways. Let's develop a locally-adapted urban agri-culture. Requirements: People of all backgrounds welcome. Bring some good seed to share, if you've got any.


Sun Nov 14th – 2-4pm


Sewing Machines 101           The Fabrica, 703 Pacific Ave (Enter on Spruce) 

with Elaina                                                      

This is an introductory class that covers sewing machine use and trouble-shooting. Topics include: threading the machine, winding the bobbin, proper use, stitches, tension adjustments, and an overview of the basic mechanics of a sewing machine. Once you learn to use the sewing machines, you may use them when they're available during general open hours at The Fabrica. This class is hosted by The Fabrica: community textile arts and salvage workshop.


Sat Nov 6th, 13th, Dec 4th, 11th, Jan 8th, 15th – 3pm


Shitty Screenprinting                                       Chavez Co-op, 316 Main St 

with Bryan                                                     

Making quality t-shirts and patches using light sensitive photo emulsion, your own weird image or symbol and easy to acquire household objects. Requirements: Bring yourself, but contact me if you have a silkscreen lying around!


Sat Nov 13th, 20th – 6-9pm


Slinging 101                                       Natural Bridges (Delaware Entrance) 

with Coyote                                             

A true tool of antiquity, the slingshot has been present in almost every ancient culture from California's Indian nations to the Greeks. It is light, relatively easy to use, and simple to construct. Let's get together and craft our own homemade hand slings. We'll focus on its history, the various types of slingshots, and practice. Requirements: Bring food to share and be prepared to do a little walking. Heavy rain cancels. Directions: Delaware Ave entrance to Natural Bridges.


Sat Jan 22nd – 11am-2pm


Soapbox 202: Anarchist Public Speaking           Contact teacher for location 

with Wes                                                    

You have your speech topic, you've practiced some, now we hone your lecture skills to a razor's edge. We will work together to create a public speaking event targeted to an audience unfamiliar with the subject of anarchism. Directly inspired by Emma Goldman, an attempt to bring back the public lecture as a method of communicating important ideas, and specifically, anarchism. Requirements: If you want to see or participate in creating a series of anarchist public speaking events, join us. Come prepared with a lecture you've outlined on a topic relevant to anarchism that you are passionate about.


Fri Jan 14th, 21st, 28th – 6-8pm


Soil Health #1                                          Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob and Heidi                             

Quite simply, soil biology supports life as we know it. We will start with the basics in this two part class on soil health. In the first we will be discussing the basics of soil–its composition, its basic nutrient make-up, and intro to soil organisms. Will be held indoors in unpleasant weather. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Mon Nov 15th – 5-6pm


Soil Health #2                                          Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob and Heidi                             

In the second part of this two part series we will discuss methods for restoring soil health, beginning with soil testing for in depth information, building soil structure, cover cropping, and crop rotation. We will discuss why soil health is essential to successful gardening. Will be held indoors in unpleasant weather. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Mon Nov 29th – 5-6pm


The Survival Gourmet                               Private Home, email for location 

with Carol Fox                                                   

Reviving the Survival Gourmet Cooking Series with focus on healthy, hearty seasonal soups, holiday favorites, and gluten-free baking. If you want to save money, eat better, and impress your sweetie, learn how to do all three for free. Then we'll eat what we cook! (Donations requested to cover cost of food.) Requirements: Pre-cooks and experienced cooks welcome. Please e-mail to pre-register.


Sat Nov 6th, Dec 4th, Jan 8th – 10am-12:30pm


Systema Study Group                                                          Garfield Park 

with Tod                                                      

This is a study group for the Russian martial art Systema. Systema is based on four principals: posture, breathing, relaxation, and constant movement. We will work on ground work, strikes, taking strikes, working against weapons, releasing built up tension and more. Requirements: Please wear clothing you are not afraid to get dirty. Anyone under 18 must get permission from the instructor at class.


Every Wednesday starting Nov 17th – 5-7pm


UBEW Meet & Geek                                     Bocci's Cellar, 140 Encinal St 

with UBEW                                                    

This is our monthly open meeting for tech-minded people who have an interest in software and hardware projects that benefit the radical community. We'll share ideas, help each other with projects, geek out in an egalitarian format, and consume mugs of frothy fermented grain beverage in the process (optional). Requirements: Bring your background or an interest in computer programming or building computing hardware or electronics.


Thu Nov 18th, Dec 30th, Jan 27th – 7:30-9:30pm


Vermiculture                                            Food Not Lawns, 1145 Laurel St 

with Jacob                                           

We will be going over the basics of vermicomposting–including how to build a proper pile, where to get your supplies, how to care for your worms, and harvesting and application methods. Rain does NOT cancel, but will be held indoors in unpleasant weather. Requirements: Bring a notebook if you wish to remember.


Wed Dec 1st – 5-6pm


Women/Trans/Fem Bike Workshop         The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Ann, B, Emilyn, Sophia, Stef                                        831-425-BIKE 

Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly male-dominated area. It is our goal to provide time for individuals who may have been marginalized or intimidated in this setting to be supported in being knowledgeable and confident in cycling, mechanics and tool use. This workshop provides a safer space for women, trans and fem folks to work on their bikes and learn new skills. Taught by women/queer mechanics.


Nov 7th, 21st, Dec 5th, 19th, Jan 2nd,16th – Noon-3pm


Youth Hours at the Bike Church             The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave 

with Bike Church mechanics                                                 831-425-BIKE 

This is a time for youth to learn how to maintain their own bikes, and potentially fix or build one up. Although kids are welcome any day, the Bike Church is often quite crowded, and mechanics' attention spread thin. This special early Saturday shift is open only to youth and members. Parents, guardians, and caretakers are welcomed during these hours as well. Requirements: Youth can use the shop for free, and if they need a bike can get all the used parts they need for free as well. However, they may want to bring a few dollars in case they need any new items.


Every Saturday except xmas and new years – 10am-2pm